EZABL™ Pro – Plug & Print Auto Bed Leveling Kit

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  • Add auto bed leveling to your 3D Printer with ZERO soldering, modifying your board, or any programming experience!
  • The fastest, most accurate sensor on the market with amazing tech support included through our TH3D Support Team
  • We’re the ONLY ABL kit on the market with fully shielded cabling.
  • No moving parts unlike the BL Touch for high reliability
  • 2 Sensor sizes available to suit your needs (18mm and 12mm)
  • Lighter than the competition (up to 50% less weight versus other proximity sensor solutions)
  • Power from your printer power supply, AC adapter (select below), or USB Port (select below)
  • Connects to the Z Endstop via 2/3 pin JST plug or 2 pin screw terminal
  • If you need a sensor mount select one below for the OEM mounts available in PLA or ABS.
    • STL mounts are also included in the firmware download package if you want to print your own or an aftermarket one.

EZABL AC Power Adapter – optional

Power your EZABL Kit from your wall power. No need to connect the kit to your printer power supply. Comes with a US Plug and works on 110-220V 50/60hz.

In stock

EZABL USB Power Adapter – optional

Power your EZABL kit from most USB ports like a Raspberry Pi or USB Power Adapter. Pulls under 0.2A from the port.

In stock

Add on a Bootloader Flashing Kit? – optional

For flashing printers with a 1284p board. See the Unified Firmware page for what machines need a bootloader or Contact Us if you are unsure.

In stock

OEM Sensor Mounts - PLA or ABS – optional

Want us to print the mount for you?
Available in PLA and ABS.

Say goodbye to your springs. – optional

Say goodbye to your springs and make your bed solid with our awesome Solid Bed mounts. Made with Aluminum and ABS parts for maximum stability and longevity.

Earn up to 128 Benchies.

What is the EZABL™?

The EZABL™ kit is a product designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by TH3D to make adding automatic bed leveling (ABL) to your printer as easy as possible.

Everything from the hardware and firmware to use the kit is tuned for the best performance by us here at TH3D.

We use the highest quality parts in our sensors, on our boards, and even the cabling. This means you get an ABL kit that is not only easy to install and use but one that will perform. Don’t be fooled by cheaper kits that use cheap parts to cut cost.

EZABL™ Quick Links

Firmware Download: Unified Firmware Package

NOTE: Everything you need (Sensor Mount STL files, Firmware, Arduino, Drivers) is in the Unified Firmware Package linked above.

Setting up with standard Marlin or have a printer with a 3rd party control board? Check out our setup guide here: https://www.th3dstudio.com/knowledgebase/ezabl-setup-for-vanilla-marlin/

The EZABL™ Pro Manual is located in the “My Downloads” section of your TH3D Account and will show after you complete your purchase and is also part of the Unified Firmware Download.

Troubleshooting Information is Located in our Knowledge Base in the “EZABL” section.

Need help that our troubleshooting articles don’t cover or have a question?
Send us a ticket by emailing Support@TH3DStudio.com or using the Contact Us.

What is included?

  • EZABL™ Pro sensor (available in 2 sizes – 18mm and 12mm)
    • 12mm (Mini) includes 2x Adapter Rings to install it into any 18mm mount
  • EZABL™ Pro Control Box (case and EZABL Pro control board)
  • 3ft Power Wire
  • Sensor Calibration Screwdriver
  • Zip ties for wire management
  • 90 Days Tech Support & Warranty Standard
  • TH3D EZABL™ Pro Installation Guide
    • PDF will be emailed to you after you purchase
    • Also in the Unified Firmware Download Package
  • Pre-Setup Firmware – Flash in under 5 minutes
  • Over 40+ different probe mounts in our EZABL™ STL Pack (part of the Unified Firmware Package)
  • Optional Add-ons
    • AC Power Adapter – Powers the kit from your wall outlet instead of the printer power supply
    • USB Power Adapter – Powers the kit from a USB port instead of the printer power supply
    • Select OEM Sensor Mounts – Available in ABS and PLA (select above)
      • You can print your own for no charge, STLs are in the Unified Firmware Package.

The EZABL™ Difference

There are many options to add auto bed leveling to your printer. Many of them are difficult to install, use, and/or just use poor quality parts. Our US based support team handles over 10,000 support tickets a year and are trained on all our products.

We aim to set ourselves apart from the competition in many ways and refuse to cut corners when it comes to support or the hardware.

We believe that the 3D Printing Community is a key part of everyones success. We are the only ABL kit maker that contributes to the Marlin Firmware project through monthly donations to help fund the project. Our EZABL™ Kits would not be possible without this firmware to build our Unified Firmware on so we feel it is only right to help out the project through direct financial contributions.

The EZABL™ Pro is the next level when it comes to quality and features.

What makes our kits different from our competitors? 

  • Our Latest EZABL™ Pro boards
    • Name brand capacitors
    • Name brand high-speed Opto IC
    • Self-test feature built-in
    • EZ Switch for swapping your Z endstop wires
    • Reverse Voltage Protection
    • 3-Stage Power Filtering
    • Dual Power Connection Options
      • DC Jack
      • 2 Pin Terminal for bare wires
    • Dual Z Endstop Connection Options
      • 2/3 Pin JST XH
      • 2 Pin Terminal for bare wires
  • Our Latest EZABL™ Pro Sensor
    • No temperature drift thanks to our custom designed sensors
    • Cable strain relief built-in
    • S³ Sensor Technology
      • 2 times faster sampling rate versus our previous EZABL sensors
      • Over 3 times faster sampling rate versus our competition and DIY sensors*
    • Lightweight PC-ABS Case (up to 50% lighter than the competition and our previous generation sensors)
    • Dual Layer shielded cables for the best EMI resistance and durability
    • Modular Molex Sensor Connection
    • Calibration Adjustment Screwdriver Included
  • Our Unified Firmware Package
    • Our own Marlin Distribution tuned for quick and easy setup
    • Guaranteed to work with your supported machine and NO coding experience needed
    • Adds not only support for our EZABL™ kit but numerous safety features and usability improvements over stock printer firmware.
      • Thermal Runaway Protection
      • Live Z Adjustment
      • EEPROM Enabled
      • OctoPrint Compatible
  • Our Support Team
    • We have an actual support team and every one is based in the US
    • Average response time is 2-3 hours typically
    • Multiple Community Groups set up for help outside of business hours
    • Phone/remote desktop support available for an additional charge
      • 1 on 1 email support is included free of charge with every EZABL™ Pro Kit.

Supported Printers

Model Stock EZABL/EZABL Mini EZOut
ADIMLab Gantry i3 (HCMaker7) X X  
Aibecy DY-H9 X – Custom Mount  
Alfawise U10 X X  
CR-20 X X X
CR-10 X X X
CR-10 Mini X X X
CR-10 S4 X X X
CR-10 S5 X X X
CR-10S X X X
CR-10S Mini X X X
CR-10S S4 X X X
CR-10S S5 X X X
Geeetech A10 V1 X X  
Geeetech A10 V2 X X  
Geeetech A10M X X  
Geeetech A20 X X  
Geeetech A20M X X  
Folgertech FT-5 X X – Custom Mount X
Anet A2 X X  
Anet A6 X X  
Anet A8 X X  
Anet E10 X X  
Anet E12 X X  
Ender 2 X X X
Ender 3
(Pro Included)
Ender 4 X X X
Ender 5 X X X
Tevo Tornado X X X
TronXY X3S X X – Custom Mount  
TronXY X5S X X – Custom Mount  
Lulzbot TAZ5 X X  
Wanhao Duplicator i3(and re-brands) X X X
Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini (and re-brands) X X  
Wanhao Duplicator D6(and re-brands) X MINI ONLY^^ X
TH3D MKS Gen L Pack X X X
  • ᵇ – Printers with this after the name needs a bootloader installed. We have a full flashing package here: TH3D Uno Bootloader Flashing Kit and a guide here: TH3D Bootloader Guide (Video)
  • ^^ – The Wanhao D6 has a compact head. The EZABL Mini does not reduce any print space using the mount supplied. You can use the regular EZABL however we do not have any pre-supported sensor mounts for it. The physical hardware works with the D6 board but we do not have a mounting option supplied for it. TLDR; Go with the EZABL Mini Direct Wire if you have a Wanhao D6.
  • Custom Mount – This means the firmware is set up and ready for the EZABL kit but you will need to locate a probe mount for that particular machine. We may add official mounts in the future but if this note is here you will need to supply your own probe mounting solution. If you have a mount that works with these machines on the stock hotend please email Support@TH3DStudio.com and we’ll get it officially added into the firmware and download package.
  • Our support on the EZABL covers the printers in the list above with their original control boards.
  • Setting up EZABL on Vanilla Marlin?. The EZABL works like a normally open endstop switch and will physically work with boards running Marlin or RepRap (Duet) but the included support does not cover getting your custom machine setup but support on a custom machine is available at an hourly rate. Otherwise you can always check out our communities for getting the EZABL working on a non-supported board/printer here: Community.TH3DStudio.com

Quality of our products is extremely important to us. Because of this our kits are more expensive than our competition due to the higher cost of the parts and materials that go into making each kit. As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

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22 reviews

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  1. One person found this helpful

    The Best add on i have done to my CR-10...

    m.cornieles (verified owner)

    I try to be as honest as i can on reviews because when i make any purchase i rely on other people reviews….
    So far this is the best piece of hardware and software I have added to my CR-10 printer.. is a shame i wait almost 18 month to do so.
    This product simply works PERIOD. Since i installed the EZABL pro kit to my printer i have had only 2 bad prints and none were relate to the printer, it was the filament that broke due to a bad extruder….

    I once said, all 3D printers should come by default with this EZable installed, that would change the experience of 3D printing… i had to go through a tone of issues because of not labeled bed but that is on the past…

    5 out of 5 starts for this product…. NICE work TH3D.

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  2. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful


    Cecil Clontz (verified owner)

    After struggling for more than 40 hours with two different BLTouch V3.1 on an Ender 3 and finally determining that despite all the guides and all the firmware changes, it just wasn’t going to work. I received the EZABL sooner than the tracking said and it was installed in under an hour. It works exactly as advertised. The guide and video were extremely thorough and the kit is well designed. The Unified firmware was packaged well which made it simple to configure and compile. I wish I had started with EZABL and not BLtouch but lesson learned.

    (3) (0)

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    • Pat

      Will this work with an SKR 1.3 board?

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    • JAMES SCHINDEWOLF (verified owner)

      I thought I was the only one struggling with the BLTouch v3.1. Reading this review solidified my decision to purchase the EZABL.

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  3. One person found this helpful

    Life Changing Upgrade

    Rolo (verified owner)

    I was so sick of manual bed leveling using springs and adjustment knobs. I was never able to get it right and would get so frustrated I’d give up on most print jobs. I was ready to throw out the printer. I’d been considering the EZABL for sometime, but was intimidated by the install, and it turned out to be a lot easier than expected. This paired great with the Solid Bed Mounts! This was a life changing upgrade and I’ve never printed so well. I recommended it to a friend who was also having issues and it’s changed his life too. Highly recommended. My prints never printed as good as they do now. It definitely brings peace of mind.

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  4. One person found this helpful

    EZABL Pro

    glasseyi (verified owner)

    This has been the one of the BEST! upgrades I have done to a number of my printers!! Easy to set up! easy to use! Follow the terrific guide and your set for the best first layer you’ll ever get!! Thanks to Tim and the crew for another top quality upgrade!!

    (1) (0)

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  5. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    Stop thinking about it, and DO IT!

    patrickjhenninger (verified owner)

    I’m fairly new to 3D printing, but I like to get my hands on technology as much as possible. I bought an Ender 3 Pro, without knowing ANYTHING about 3D printing. I ended up with a crash course on how things work, different terminologies, and was at it for about 2 weeks before I was tired of leveling my bed. I didn’t want to take a chance on an eBay kit, so I came to TH3D and started reading through different things, and decided this was the best kit for me. I ordered everything including the solid bed mounts and Arduino Uno. I will admit some of the instructional videos are fast-paced, but after watching, pausing, watching again- I got it tackled. My printer has been NONSTOP since, and the quality of what I’m printing has improved SO much.
    I can’t speak for other printers, but if you have a Creality printer (Ender 2/3/Pro, CR, etc) then definitely get this!

    Make sure you have some extra screws for mounting the sensor to the hotend, I lucked out and reused some from my extruder before I upgraded.

    Oh, the Nerds were a nice touch.

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    • Kuba

      Will it work with creality cr-x?

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  6. One person found this helpful

    Best ABL kit on the market!

    mmathosian (verified owner)

    Easy to set up. Incredibly accurate and consistent results. This is my second EZABL kit from TH3D and I wouldn’t use anything else!

    (1) (0)

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    • Joan Serfati

      I was answering to the comment of “mmathosian (verified owner) – October 26, 2019”
      his machine looked so nice 🙂 I found out that he printed the chains .

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    • Joan Serfati

      Hi! Thanks for your review. Could you give me more information about your printer? What are the upgrade you did? (to store cable so cleanly + your direct extruder).

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  7. One person found this helpful

    So much easier

    Antony Pearce (verified owner)

    I have been printing for over two years with a couple of different printers. I installed an EZABL on my CR-10S on Tuesday night. Tonight is the first time I have ever walked away before the printer had finished the first layer, in fact it hadn’t even completed all the outlines.

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  8. One person found this helpful


    CRUISER DON RUSSELL (verified owner)


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  9. One person found this helpful

    It like getting a new printer.

    spudmlgnjr (verified owner)

    Sure you can level your bed, but if the surface isn’t flat then what? Then you get the EZABL, now perfect first layers every time. Turned my CR-10S from a headache into a rock solid machine.

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  10. One person found this helpful

    Very easy to setup.

    David A. (verified owner)

    I’ve finally determined what my problem was,and now the ezabl works very good. The pre printed mount I got was well made,and easy to use. The written instructions along with the video were fantastic. Thanks for making a fantastic product with awesome support.

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  11. One person found this helpful

    EZABL my first big modification for my Ender 3

    tbabcock67 (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from TH3D and cant say enough about how well this works and the over all benefit it made to the quality of my prints. I am fairly new to 3D printing and will admit the physical install of the device is quite easy but getting all of the computer work done left me with multiple challenges. I would highly recommend doing all the research first before preparing to take on this task. Understand how to flash and set up the Unified firmware as well as the settings in your start gcode of your slicer. When complete, it performs just as advertised and even better then I expected. The support team is amazing and adds so much value to the purchase of the product it will be easy for me to buy more items from Tim and the TH3D group in the near future.

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  12. Smooth Installation, works perfectly

    Barry Mizes (verified owner)

    I had manually leveled my bed and been using it that way for a number of months. The problem was that the glass was warped to varying degrees and so while I could get a few areas level, other areas would not be level. As long as I printed in these distinct leveled areas, everything was good. Last week I decided to print something large, and of course, those parts in the unlevelable areas did not adhere properly. Being tired of this nonsense, I bought the EZABL Pro kit and installed it this morning. Using the printed guide and the video, the installation was easy (I had already uploaded a bootloader and new firmware). To really test how well it worked, my first print was a large item that I set to print dead center where the worst warp had been. I’m happy to report that the first layer printed perfectly – everything adhered and no curls or missing areas. I know there are lots of options out there for bed leveling, but what sets Tim’s gear apart is that he has made it easy for anyone to install and use it. It just plain works. Thanks again for a well designed and supported product.

    (0) (0)

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  13. I love it, Ender 3 Pro here.

    Cornelius H (verified owner)

    I thought I’d order it and wait for a good day to dedicate to configuring a new setup, but overall this was far easier to setup than the Ender 3 pro and/or using an Arduino to flash the Ender firmware to Marlin ( which I was running before I bought this). A pdf scan and youtube video later and this thing is printing better than I could have imagined. On top of that, I went for the solid bed mounts which makes this all even easier.

    Definitely happy with this purchase. It’s going to save me hours on printer troubleshooting and setup.

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  14. Best upgrade yet for my Ender 5. Just buy it.

    iain.wheeley (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I waited so long to bite the bullet on this purchase. Easy to install and calibrate and I have now pretty much given up on baby-sitting my first layers on any print I do for PLA, PLA+ and PETG as I know it will come out perfect.

    3 Thumbs up

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    Brynn MacFlynn (verified owner)

    All the issues I had installing this were my fault. Period, end of discussion.

    The biggest thing to remember is that when you’re adjusting the sensitivity, you’re setting the point at which you want to stop to keep from crashing into the bed. So when they say you want the light on, you want the RED light on, and only just on. When I first installed it and calibrated I set the red light to be just barely off. That was a poor decision, leading to inconsistent leveling and driving my hotend into the bed many times before I sucked it up and redid everything.

    Now though? I’ve gone from fiddling with everything multiple times in the first frantic minute of a print to (with solid bed mounts) twiddling the nob once or twice to babystep and then walking away. Much easier, more consistent, and less stress and fretting. My one problem is the starting gcode provided puts the swipes on the very edge of the build plate–however since I’m using a mirror bed from Ikea, I have to put the mirror on the very far left in order to avoid printing into thin air. Not a problem by a long shot, just means I’m watching for those magnetic build sheet sets to come back in stock ASAP!

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  16. Goodbye BLTouch, hello EZABL!

    Spencer Francisco (verified owner)

    I’ve been a BLTouch evangelist for awhile until I did my own independent repeatable tests to find that it wasn’t as consistent as I hoped. This was after doing all kinds of bed adjustments from different springs to removal of springs. Still couldn’t get the best first layer. After doing some homework on the EZABL, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have this sooner. The install was pretty straight forward and the Unified Firmware had some simple configuration to get started. So far I’m very happy with the results. Thanks guys!

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  17. Say goodby to bed level issues

    Paul Gariepy (verified owner)

    Amazing unit and firmware. It has made printing on my cr5 s5 fun again! no more bed leveling issues! it just works every time!

    (0) (0)

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  18. Bed leveling is a thing of the past

    TreeClocker67 (verified owner)

    Do you spend your precious time leveling your bed manually like some kind of 3D printing cave man? Do you want to have beautiful first layers? Do you want the ability to hit print and not have to worry about watching your first layer to see if your manual leveling job turned your nozzle into a bed engraving tool?

    Then buy the EZABL Pro and throw that paper away. Rejoice knowing that after you install the EZABL Pro you’ll be saving trees from being used as a leveling too.

    The installation of the EZABL pro is way easier than the old version, the included case has more mounting options, the option to directly power it via a plug OR direct wire, no more plug cutting, the color scheme.

    The EZABL Pro/EZABL are on both my printers and make printing life so much better.

    “Just do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams” – Shia Labeouf

    (0) (0)

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  19. So far so good

    jeff.buzzell (verified owner)

    The install was easier than i expected. followed the instructions and bam, it worked. Great upgrade though makes me realize how warped my bed is.

    The things i would change are some better cable management for the control box and a better connector for the power in the control box. the small wires and location are difficult to connect up.

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  20. Awesome product

    skater-boy24ryan (verified owner)

    Strate out of the box I had issues with my CR10S hot bed being warped. After months of issues and countless YouTube videos on fixes using tape etc. I stumbled upon th3d and their EZabl kits. I was sold immediately as I was desperate for a solution. So glad I did. With their firmware and ezable I now have peace of mind that my printer is not only safer to use but also I am no longer wasting filament and getting amazing prints every time.

    Thank you Tim and team for the awesome firmware and products.

    (0) (0)

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How Does the EZABL™ Mount?

The EZABL™ mounts to your printer hotend and we supply STL files for over 40+ different mounting options for the 25+ machines we support. There is a folder in our Unified Firmware Package that contains all the mounts that we have supported in the firmware so you can get setup without having to measure sensor offsets. You may need some M3 screws (or others depending on the mount) to mount the sensor and we have a screw assortment that covers all the sizes you may need for all the most popular mounts.

Can you include a sensor mount?

Absolutely! If it’s one of the “OEM” style ones listed above you can select it in ABS or PLA material. Supports are removed from the prints before shipping. If you want us to print a custom mount (like a herome or petsfang) you can Contact Us with the STL files for a printed part quote, we do prints in ABS and PLA.

Will I have to Solder?

Nope. Not at all.

Does the EZABL work on *insert surface here*?

The answer is yes to any printing surfaces. This includes glass, mirror, polyprop sheets, acrylic, aluminum, ezmat, pei, buildtak, and any other surface you print on. Unlike other solutions, the EZABL™ works on all print surfaces without requiring modification to the surface.

What is the difference between the EZABL™ Pro and the EZABL™ Pro Mini?

Only the physical size and the Mini weighs a few grams less. Some printers cannot fit a standard size probe so we came out with the Mini to fit those machines (example: Wanhao D6).

Do I need to have a bootloader on my printer?

Yes. You will need to update your printer with our awesome firmware package and that requires a bootloader. If you are not sure if your machine has a bootloader then check the Unified Firmware page and there is a chart on there that shows what machines need it.

Do I need to change my printer board to use the EZABL™ Pro?

Nope! We’ve spend hundreds of hours making firmware for all the machines we support and enabling tons of new features and safety improvements for your stock printer board. Check the Unified Firmware page to see what machines we support.

Will the EZABL™ Pro work with an AC Bed?

Yes! We’ve made major improvements to the new Pro sensors that make them work on AC beds that are properly connected with a quality SSR. If you use a good SSR (like the Mager we sell) then you will have no issues with your EZABL™ kit with an AC bed (and you can control the bed from your printer!)

Where is the EZABL™ Pro made?

The EZABL™ Pro is designed by TH3D and we use multiple suppliers across the globe to source the parts and assemble our custom EZABL™ Pro boards & sensors. All final testing, QC, packaging, and support is done here in the US.

Why is the EZABL™ Pro “so expensive”?

Because quality parts and excellent support people are not cheap. We don’t focus on the race to the bottom like other companies. Quality and excellent customer service is the focus here at TH3D. If you want a cheaper kit check out eBay.

I have a custom printer or one with a control board I swapped, will you setup my firmware for me?

The EZABL will work with any Marlin or RepRap based machine. However, our included support covers machines that are listed above with their original control boards. On custom printers (this includes models we support but with their boards swapped) we cannot possibly account for every varation when a customer swaps their board or has a custom machine. We do have hourly support available here should you need custom work: https://www.th3dstudio.com/product/3d-printer-support/

We also have our communities to get help as well that doesn’t cost anything to use: http://Community.TH3DStudio.com

What about the “Direct Wire” or “EZ-Connect” Kits that were available previously?

We’ve simplified the product and made it very compatible by having both connection types on the new EZABL™ Pro Control Board. 1 Board to rule them all.

Do I have to make my own wiring harness or modify my board to use the EZABL™ Pro kit?

Nope! We supply all the wiring and a 1.5M sensor cable length with a modular connection. Unlike competitors that require you to modify your printer board or make your own wiring harness to use their sensors we supply everything to connect it and require no modification to your printer board.

Does the EZABL™ Pro Kit work with OctoPrint/EZPi?

Absolutely! We love OctoPrint and use it here. Every one of our production machines has an EZPi kit on it and our EZABL™ kit.

Have a question we didn’t cover here?

No problem! Contact our Support Team with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to answer them!

EZABL™ Pro Photos


  • Included Support: TH3D Standard Support
    • Support is on the product itself. Your computer must see the printer COM port to update the firmware. PC issues are the customers responsibility to resolve.
  • Warranty: 90 Days
    • Physical or Electrical Damage due to improper installation or use is not covered. Items are all pre-tested before leaving the shop.
    • Warranty may be extended above to 1 year OR 1 year + 4 hours of phone support, must be purchased when you order the kit.

* Based on sensors running at 60-80hz sensing speeds.