EZPi Pro Silent – Plug and Play Octoprint Setup – 4GB RAM

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Wired or Wireless Connection, 32GB Storage, Power Adapter, Silent Case, Remote Control Support*, HD Camera Support (add below), and Tech Support Included. Raspberry Pi 4 Board Included and Pre-Installed.

💚 TH3D is an Official sponsor of the Octoprint Project.

If this version is out of stock you can check the others: EZPi Pro V2 - 2GB OR EZPi Pro V2 - 4GB

AC Adapter for EZPi Kit

Select your type and color

EZPi Wifi Setup

Add on an EZPlug?

Control & Monitor your printer power right from the EZPi! (US Plug ONLY)

Add EZCam HD (1080p) Camera?

USB, Manual Focus Adjustment, Wide Viewing Angle

Add a Power Blocker (prevents LCD staying on)?

Need a MiniUSB cable to connect to your printer?

Need a MicroUSB cable to connect to your printer?

Add 10ft Ethernet Cable?

Add on a USB C PoE Splitter?

Power your EZPi kit from a PoE Switch

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