EZPi Pro V2 – Plug and Play Octoprint Setup

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Wired or Wireless (2.4 & 5.8ghz) Connection, 32GB Storage, Power Adapter, Cooling, Case, and Tech Support Included

NEW: Access your printer whether you are at home or across the world with The Spaghetti Detective (pre-installed)

USB HD Camera Upgrade (Optional, Select below), Does not include a USB Data cable to connect to the printer – select below if you need one.

💚 TH3D is an Official sponsor of the Octoprint Project. We donate monthly to Gina (foosel) to help support her and the continued development of the Octoprint project.

Raspberry Pi Board


EZPi Case Type

Select the type of case you want for your kit.

Add EZCam HD (1080p) Camera?

USB, Manual Focus Adjustment, Wide Viewing Angle

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Add on an EZPlug?

Control your printer power right from the EZPi! (US Plug ONLY)

Need a MiniUSB cable to connect to your printer?

Need a MicroUSB cable to connect to your printer?

Add 10ft Ethernet Cable?

Add a Power Blocker (prevents LCD staying on)?

EZPi Wifi Setup