Heatbreak Thermal Grease


  • Used on the heatbreak to improve thermal transfer of heat from the heatbreak to the cold end heatsink
    • Helps with heatcreep and reduces jamming in all metal heatbreaks
  • High Thermal Conductivity (>1.114W/M-K)

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Product Info

Tech Specs

  • High Thermal Conductivity (>1.114W/M-K)
  • Temp range: -50C-240C
    • NOTE: Cold side of heatbreak does not get nearly as hot as the nozzle.
  • Weight: 0.3G per Packet
  • This is for ONE packet of thermal paste

How to use

  • Before assembling hotend apply thermal paste to the OUTSIDE of the heatbreak before threading/inserting into your heatsink.
  • Wipe away thermal grease that oozes out before fitting the heater block to the heatbreak.


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