AnyCubic Chiron LCD Conversion Kit

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Replace your Chiron LCD with a 12864 for more control and features. Compatible with our EZABL Kits. This kit is designed by TH3D for the AnyCubic Chiron Printers. Pre-setup firmware is included. Comes with ALL the screws, LCD, Housing, PCB Housing, Washers, and Cables needed to install the upgrade. Technical support is included should you need assistance installing the LCD kit.

TH3D AnyCubic Chiron 12864 LCD Case - ABS

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AnyCubic Chiron LCD Conversion Accessory Parts

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Longer LCD Cables × 2

$1.99 each

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12864 LCD for use with the Chiron

Cables included.

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LCD Mounting/Housing Screws - 8 Pack

This is for 8x LCD Mounting Screw for our Printed Part LCD Housings

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Dupont Jumper Wire Pack - 120 Pieces

Used for connecting from the PCB to the control board


Unified 2 Firmware for the AnyCubic Chiron

3 Months
AnyCubic Ramps Printers

Have an ABL probe?

Replace your Chiron springs with our solid bed mounts

Add on the bootloader flashing kit?

Later models of the Chiron may not have a bootloader. This kit allows you to flash it.

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