EZMat Build Sheet – Multiple Sizes

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  • Proprietary Polycarbonate Blend Build Sheet
  • Available sizes: 165×165, 235×235, 310×310, 410×410, and 508×508
  • Genuine 3M High Temp Adhesive Tape Pre-Applied
    • New “EZ-Remove adhesive” that leaves minimal residue on your build plate when replacing the mat.\
  • Works with ALL major filament types (PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, ASA, TPE/TPU, and Nylon)
  • 0.6mm Thick for durability and longevity – Can be installed directly on the bed or glass.
    • Once you start losing adhesion lightly sand with 100 grit sand paper to make it like new!
  • Discount for 2 or more (discount reflected in cart)

Earn up to 27 Benchies.

Product Info

As seen on “Uncle Jessy” YouTube Channel

  • Proprietary Polycarbonate Blend Build Sheet
  • Genuine 3M High Temp Adhesive Tape Pre-Applied
    • New “EZ-Remove adhesive” that leaves minimal residue on your build plate when replacing the mat.
  • Works with ALL major filament types (PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, ASA, TPE/TPU, and Nylon)
  • 0.6mm Thick for durability and longevity – Can be installed directly on the bed, flex plate, or glass.
    • Once you start losing adhesion lightly sand with 100 grit sand paper to make it like new!
  • This is for ONE sheet.
  • Discount for 2 or more (discount reflected in cart)
  • EZMat – Adhesion Tips and Tricks
  • Can be cut to fit any size machine – Order size that is slightly larger than your print bed.
    • S4 Size fits the Alfawise U10 but will hang over the edge slightly of the bed – leave it as it or trim the edge of the mat to fit. Grid size is 400×400.
  • Recommended Temperature Settings
    • PLA: 0C-60C
    • ABS: 90C
      • Our sheets work great with ABS but you MUST use an enclosure for ABS as it warps. If you do not the ABS will stick to the sheet and can pull it off the bed as it warps due to cooling.
    • PETG: 70C
      • PETG has a tendency to like to bond to print surfaces (all brands, not just ours). We recommend using something in-between the mat and the PETG to help it release easier. You can use glue stick or hairspray to prevent this from happening.
      • We use these mats with PETG but we make sure we are not “squishing” it down on the 1st layer as much as you would PLA or other materials. Use a spatula/scraper to remove the prints, DO NOT PULL ON THEM OR TRY TO “KNOCK” THEM OFF.
      • Running a 0.3mm 1st layer height will also ensure that the prints do not adhere too much and damage the mat with PETG.
    • TPU/TPE: 70C
  • Returns on sheets are only allowed if they have not been used and/or installed.


Installation Notes/Tips

  1. Clean the surface with acetone then glass cleaner. If you do not have acetone just glass cleaner will suffice.
  2. Align the bed mat on the bed or glass that you want to apply to
    1. Bond strength can also be improved with firm application pressure and moderate heat, from 38°C to 54°C, causing the adhesive to develop intimate contact with the bonding surface.
  3. Peel back one corner
  4. Slowly apply it to the bed pressing firmly as you peel the backing to avoid getting bubbles under the mat

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14 reviews for EZMat Build Sheet – Multiple Sizes

  1. rv

    Fantastic. Definitely start your nozzle further away from the bed than you might normally when first getting used to the mat. Until you have everything dialed in.

    My first print (way to close to the bed) was a real challenge to remove. I print exclusively with ASA and the results are fantastic.

    I have always used Blue painters tape which was getting to be impractical on larger prints at higher temps and just in general. Using a these sheets I have been able to print fast and easy to get of the bed and clean up with alcohol.

  2. kevyn

    I had tried everything on my CR-10, tape, glue, hairspray, even mirrors from one of the big box stores… that worked better for me than the previous attempts… so when EZMats came out, I thought I’d give those a try… omg it is amazing compared to the other things. I had to remember to use a business card to set the nozzle instead of paper but once I did that… it works so well that I haven’t touched any of the other solutions for months. It works well enough I put it on every printer I own. =]

  3. rameyind

    I got this and have done a few prints. It works great! I was using polyimide and having all kinds of trouble. Works great!


    Th3d EZMats are Awesome.I applied over my mirrors.No more gluestick to cleanup after each print.They also look really nice.I would defiantly recommend.

  5. slaven.corluka

    This mat is great. I only have tried PLA with it and works almost too good. No need to use brim and avoid using skirt because you will have a hard time removing it from the mat. I highly recommend having some sort of flexible bed in order to remove large print with success. I stuck this mat to a steel sheet that i use as my print bed now. Make sure you have a nice sharp scraper ready if you don’t have a flexible print bed because you will need it. Great product.

  6. potter_s

    Had to do a review..im a recovering glass bed glue stick user. Today I received the CR-10 S4 version. I have been having terrible prints ever since I first got my machine (cr-10) till today. The th3d bed mat is a dream, prints stick well, come off easy. no more glue stick. “Happy” simply is not the word, I thought I would have to throw my cr-10 away.. just simply would not stick to my glass plate.. but now I see so many open doors ..in short very happy, and if I need another I will not hesitate to order another

  7. Brian

    Very nice. Everything sticks during the print and then pops off without much effort. I’m a happy camper.

  8. Paul Early

    I purchased the EZMat when my CR-10s was still on it’s way. Once I set it up and printed 1 print, I knew the stock glass pane was not going to give me what I wanted.

    I stuck the EZMat on and what a difference. I have never needed glue sticks or hair spray or anything. This mat has great adhesion and, when the bed cools down, the printed pieces I’ve printed so far, just pop off. I sray a little alcohol at the end of the print and wipe it off. Good as new! I couldn’t be happier with my first in a series of TH3D upgrades.

  9. BlastoSupreme

    I purchased this mat after having repeated adhesion issues on the glass bed of my cr10 mini. This thing works. Like really really holds on to your print. Almost too well. I’ve found if I let it cool they come off with a spatula scraper rather easily. They don’t make them in the size for the cr10 mini, but thankfully it’s really easy to cut down to size. I’m very happy with this.

  10. danderson

    Difficulty removing the prints…;but I see by the review comments that I should maybe adjust my Z axis 1/10thmm or so, and prints should probably come off easier.

    The first thing I’ve used that prints actually stick to the build plate EVERY TIME, I love it for that alone!!

  11. Smokinjoe

    I have had really good luck with both PLA and PETG on this surface. I have not used hair spray or glue stick with PETG, and it comes off nicely. Just mess with your bed temp. to get a nice first layer adhesion, but not much more than that and you should be happy.

  12. Randy Grugan

    Got this in the other day and ripped off the OEM Ender 5 magnetic surface and installed this directly on to the metal bed. I am just blown away how well this surface works. As stated by other reviews it may work a little too well. I am currently going through their tips and tricks doc to see if I can lesson the adhesion level as I felt like I was having a fight with my machine to remove my print.

    With all that said would highly recommend.

  13. thordarsen

    Once I put this on the only adhesion issue I have had was things sticking too well. I stuck it to a piece of glass and I get fantastic first layers.

  14. Bobby Hartsfield


    I’ve tested sooooo many print surfaces. I literally have a pile of common brands that just don’t compare to the EZMAT. It is, by far, my absolute favorite print surface. I have it stuck to glass surfaces that lost their stick and I have it on spring steel sheets.

    I have literally paid $80+ for big name print surface ‘systems” and, until I stuck an EZMAT on them, they were just meh.

    It will be the surface for all my printers going forward. I am off to order 3 more!

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