Creality Ender 7 12864 LCD Conversion/Upgrade Kit

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Ender 7 12864 LCD Housing - ABS

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Creality 12864 LCD Screen

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LCD Cable for Ender 7 LCD Kit

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LCD Header Socket for Ender 7 Board

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Want the STL files for the LCD Housing?


Unified 2 Firmware for Ender 7

3 Months
Creality Ender 7 Printer

LCD Mounting/Housing Screws - 8 Pack × 2

This is for 8x LCD Mounting Screw for our Printed Part LCD Housings

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We include the header with the kit for you to self-install. If you want to send us your board we will solder the header onto your board and ship it back out with the kit. We will hold the order until the board is received. Turnaround time is 1 day.