Unified 2 Firmware for Creality V2.X Boards

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This is our Unified 2 Firmware for the Creality Ramps Boards. This firmware is tested by us on the actual printers and works. Your purchase helps fund the development of the firmware for this board and others.

Currently the Unified 2 Firmware latest release is: 2.83a.

Printer Models supported:

  • CR-10S
  • CR-10S Mini
  • CR-10S S4
  • CR-10S S5
  • CR-10 V2
  • CR-10 V3
  • CR-10S Pro (Requires TH3D LCD Kit)
  • CR-10S Pro V2 (Requires TH3D LCD Kit)
  • CR-20
  • CR-X (Requires TH3D LCD Kit)
  • Ender 4
  • Ender 5 Plus (Requires TH3D LCD Kit)


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Creality Ramps Printers

The firmware does not come with technical support. If you wish to add our standard email technical support you can add it here. Support applies to the control board install, includes firmware compiles by TH3D Support Staff, and included firmware features.


Firmware Directions

Directions for the firmware are located in our help center. It is sorted by brand and model. You can access the Help Center here: Unified 2 Help Center

Firmware Versions/Changelog

Currently the Unified 2 Firmware latest release is: 2.83a.

You can review the changelog for all Unified 2 Firmware releases on our GitHub release page here:

Video Guide

Firmware Features

Enhanced Performance – TH3D Studio Unified 2 Firmware is designed to optimize the performance of 3D printers, with features like Input Shaping and Linear Advance delivering smoother movements, reduced vibrations, and improved overall print quality. It incorporates advanced motion planning algorithms to enhance the precision and accuracy of your prints when tuned to your machine.

Easy Installation – The firmware is specifically engineered to be user-friendly and straightforward to install. TH3D Studio provides comprehensive installation guides and support to ensure a hassle-free setup process for both beginners and experienced users.

Advanced Bed Leveling – Our Unified 2 Firmware supports our EZABL Bed leveling kits as well as BLTouch and CRTouch Sensors. Don’t have a sensor? We also have Manual Mesh Leveling added as well so you can use mesh bed leveling without a sensor.

Filament Outage Detection & Filament Changes – Our firmware supports stock sensors (if printer is equipped with them) and our EZOut filament sensors. This means you can print without worrying about running out of filament if you have a sensor on the machine. The firmware also supports M600 commands to do filament changes in sliced files as well as from the printer LCD screen. With an outage detection or filament change event the printer will park the print head and wait for the user to change the filament and then resume with the bed heated so your print doesn’t come off.

Customizability – Unified 2 Firmware offers extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor their 3D printing experience to their specific needs. It provides a wide range of configuration settings, enabling fine-tuning of print parameters, such as acceleration, jerk control, steps/mm, motor direction, PID tuning, and more.

Safety Features – TH3D Studio prioritizes safety and includes multiple features in Unified 2 Firmware to protect your printer and prevent potential issues. These features include thermal runaway protection, which detects heating failures and triggers an automatic shutdown to avoid dangerous situations.

Active Development and Support – TH3D Studio is dedicated to continuously improving and updating their firmware. They actively listen to user feedback, release regular firmware updates, and provide excellent customer support to address any questions or concerns. We patch most bugs that are reported to us in 1-2 business days or less.

Community and Documentation – TH3D Studio has a vibrant and supportive community around their firmware, offering a wealth of resources, including FB groups, discord server, guides, and troubleshooting tips. The availability of detailed documentation helps users understand the firmware’s features and functionality better.

Open-Source Philosophy – TH3D Studio follows an open-source approach, allowing users to contribute to the firmware’s development and customization. This fosters a collaborative environment where users can share their experiences, modifications, and enhancements, benefiting the entire community. TH3D also financially supports the Marlin Firmware Project which our Unified 2 firmware is built on top of.

What do you get? – Included is the full source code for compiling on your computer with Visual Studio Code. This firmware is tested by us on the actual boards and printers. Your purchase helps fund the development of the firmware for this board and others. If you get technical support we also will compile firmware for you if you have issues doing it on your own PC.

Board Models Supported

  • Creality V1 (2560 CPU)
  • Creality V2.0
  • Creality V2.1
  • Creality V2.2
  • Creality V2.2.1 Silent Board
  • Creality V2.4
  • Creality V2.5.2

CPUs Supported

  • Mega 2560

Download Terms & Information

How long will I get updates for?

You will get download access for 3 months (93 days) or 1 year (365 days) (whatever you selected) from the date of purchase. After that time the download access will expire. Once expired you will no longer be able to download the firmware unless you purchase it again. Make sure to download a copy before your subscription expires.

Slow CPU Disclaimer

Some printer boards that use slow CPUs (like the 8bit 2560 and entry level 32bit CPU boards under 90mhz speed) may experience a delayed response on the LCD when printing over SD while also using advanced features like input shaping. This does NOT affect print quality but is something to note in case you encounter it. Faster boards (like our EZBoard and MKS Boards) do not have this slowdown as they use a much quicker processor.

What happens when my subscription expires?

The firmware will NOT stop working after your subscription expires. Just make sure to download a copy before the expiration so you have it on your PC. Once the order for the firmware expires only the download link from our website will not work any longer.

How long will it take to get the firmware?

The firmware will be granted instantly once your payment clears. This is usually instantly unless your payment is held or fails to process.

Is Technical Support included?

There is NO technical support included with the purchase of this firmware unless you specifically add it on above. Technical support can be purchased separately by contacting our support team on a per-incident basis if you opt-out of purchasing support above with the firmware itself.

Does Technical Support include compiling the firmware for me?

Yes. We include up to 10 compiles (for the 3 month) and 20 compiles (for the 1 year) at no charge if you add on the technical support when you purchase the firmware or if you pay for technical support separately after purchase. Most compile requests are fulfilled in 1 business day or less.

Just send us a ticket with details on your printer (and configuration.h file if you have it setup) and we’ll send you a compiled BIN file back to flash on your machine. Technical support covers the boards, printers, and other features already in the firmware. Changes, modifications, and/or additions for new features, support other products, and/or other addons are NOT covered under the support.

What does technical support cover?

Technical support covers the existing features, options, printer model(s), and hardware present in the firmware at the time of download.

This means that if a product and/or feature is not supported in the firmware adding support and/or customizing the firmware would be billable time and NOT included under technical support coverage. Typically we will internally track requests for new features and hardware to place as possible additions to the firmware at a later time if there is enough demand.

Major Printer Modifications

Firmware setup and/or changes to support major printer modifications (such as custom hotend swaps, motion component changes, printer motion system conversions, mods that change build volume, mods that change nozzle home location, etc) are NOT covered under support and is at the discretion of TH3D support to cover these or not based on the complexity of the modifications. Setup of these types of modifications are billable time and usually require a remote support call to get setup correctly and quickly.

Does the subscription Auto-Renew?

No. Our system does not support auto-renew at this time. If you wish to get updates again once your subscription expires you can purchase again for whatever length of time you wish that we offer.

What license is the firmware release under?

This firmware is released under the GPL V3 License.

Is the full source code included?

Yes. The download contains the FULL source code to build the firmware with Visual Studio Code. See the links above for your particular printer on how to setup Visual Studio Code and how to use the firmware.

What is the refund policy on digital downloads?

We do not offer refunds on digital downloads.

Additional information

Update Length

3 Months, 1 Year

Firmware Package

Creality Ramps Printers

Made In

🇺🇸 USA

9 reviews for Unified 2 Firmware for Creality V2.X Boards

  1. cwczx3 (verified owner)

    Great Software from a great company. Excellent videos to walk you through anything you would need for a 3D printer and more!

  2. Jimmy (verified owner)

  3. William Y. (verified owner)

    Busy busy people. They do their best.

  4. Christopher (verified owner)

    Well worth the cost of a cup of coffee to get firmware that seem to “just work” tailored for my CR-10S. Could I have figured it out? Sure. Was it free the last time? Yes. I get it and I’m in a position to help the developers out. Thank you for making this easy!

  5. Ken R. (verified owner)

  6. John C. (verified owner)

    First time upgrading or installing firmware on any printer and am a complete novice, I was a little confused at first and reached out for support, my questions were answered extremely quickly which helped me get back on track with flashing the printer and getting back to working on my next project

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    Tim Hoogland

    Hi there. Based on your review it sounds like you are not doing multiple things correctly and looking at installation information for the wrong product/firmware. The UNO is NOT needed for this firmware.

    As per this page that you posted the review on, the firmware directions are in our help center: Just select your brand, then printer model for whatever you are flashing. This firmware is for the 2560 based board from Creality. If you have a 1284p based board, you need a different firmware.

  9. Alexey N. (verified owner)

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