TH3D EZBoard V2 – For Creality/Sovol Printers – Unified 2, Marlin, & Klipper

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Genuine STM32 F4 CPU @ 168mhz, Trinamic 2209 Drivers, EZFirmware Compatible, Tech Support Included, Hotend & Bed Thermistor VIN Short Protection, Running TH3D Unified 2.0 Firmware

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EZBoard Addons and Accessories:

4GB FAT Formatted GCode/Firmware MicroSD Card

4GB Actual Capacity - Pre-Formatted with FAT file system

3 Foot MiniUSB Cable - 100% Copper, USB 2.0

High quality contacts to ensure clear data transmission. Molded strain relief ensures a more secure connection. Works with any device that uses MiniUSB.

TH3D High Amp MOSFET V3 - Heated Bed or Hotend - 12V/24V Printers

Large Screw Terminals, Includes 12" Control Wire - Connection from MOSFET to Printer Board Wiring Diagram & Compatible STL files for mounting included.

EZNeo RGB Printer Lighting Kit - 220mm Length

Add some awesome lighting to your 3D printer with our EZNeo kit! Uses NeoPixel compatible LEDs on them that are all individually addressable. Includes cable, cable covers, mounting hardware, and the strip itself.

EZOut Filament Sensor

For 1.75mm Filament, Injection Molded PC-ABS (black), Curved Detection Switch to Avoid filament snags, Lightweight (1oz) For Inline Installation, 1 Meter Filament Sensor Cable Included

Creality Dual Cable LCD Adapter Board V2 - For EZBoard/V4.2.7 Board/SKR E3 Mini Boards

Used to connect a Creality Dual Cable LCDs or our 12864 LCD to the EZBoard, Also works with the Creality V4.2.7 Board and SKR E3 Mini Series. Required for the Ender 5 PLUS as well as the LCD Kit

Creality CR-20 LCD Adapter Board V2 - For EZBoard V1/V2

Used to connect the Stock CR-20 LCD to the EZBoard - ONLY SUPPORTED ON THE EZBOARD V1 AND V2 IN OUR FIRMARE

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