TH3D EZBoard Lite V1.2 – For Creality & Sovol Printers

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  • The easiest and highest quality drop-in replacement for your Creality or Sovol Printer (see list of supported machines below)
  • Full 6 month warranty and USA based technical support included
  • 32 Bit CPU for Fast Printing and all the latest Features running Marlin 2.0
  • The ONLY board with a simple web based configuration for the firmware
    • Source code for local compiling included
  • SILENT & Configurable Trinamic TMC 2208 Drivers
  • Please read below for full details on our board BEFORE purchasing. If you have any questions please feel free to use our Live Chat or Contact Us.

Add on 1GB MicroSD Card? – optional

Recommended for flashing firmware. Also great for GCode.

In stock

Add on Dual Z Motor Adapter? – optional

Required for machines that have 2 Z Motors (see below for details)

In stock

Add on Creality Dual Cable LCD Board? – optional

Required for CR-10S Machines that use 2x LCD Cables and do NOT have the EXP3 plug.

In stock

Add on a filament sensor (1.75mm)? – optional

Detects and pauses a print when your filament runs out so you can add more filament and continue printing. 1 meter cable included.

In stock

Need a high quality MiniUSB Cable (3FT)? – optional

In stock

Running an aftermarket DC bed? Add on a MOSFET (up to 25A). – optional

In stock

Earn up to 140 Benchies.

Insufficient stock

Product Info

Tired of searching forums, watching random YouTube videos, and posting online to try and get a cheaper board to work? With the EZBoard we provide real technical support, quality parts, and fully working firmware that is tested by us, not random people online.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the Video on this awesome board from Teaching Tech.

Installation Materials & Firmware

  • Download the manual, firmware, and related files for the EZBoard here:
    • You must read the manual. It covers connections and explains what connectors do on our board.
  • We also have an automated web tool to make your firmware in under 5 minutes with NO software needed on your computer. Check it out at
    • PLEASE NOTE: All EZBoards ship with a test firmware that is for testing the boards. You must flash firmware for the machine you are installing it in for the board to work.

Key Features

  • The ONLY high quality, drop-in replacement board with US Technical Support
    • NO Soldering
    • NO Cutting wires to add new connectors
      • Please Note: If you have tinned wires remove the ends and insert bare wire. Tinned wires over time will damage any screw terminals.
      • CR-10(s) Machines will need to have the always on fan (control box fans -40mm and 50mm- and hotend fan) 2 pin connectors removed and connected to the FAN terminal on our board.
    • NO Printing Adapter Parts
    • Need help getting it setup? No problem! Contact our support for help.
    • 100% Working Firmware that is amazingly easy to use
    • We use high quality and genuine parts, no cut corners here
    • Our PCBs are made with 4 layers and 2oz copper on every layer
  • What printers are supported?
    • CR-10 (Regular, Mini, S4 S5)
      • Models with 2 Z Motors need the Dual Z Motor Adapter Addon
    • CR-10S (Regular, Mini, S4 S5)
      • Needs Creality Dual Cable LCD Adapter Board if you do not have the EXP3 header on your LCD.
        • If you have the EXP3 header on your LCD use 1 cable to connect from the EXP3 to our board and you will then not need the dual adapter board.
      • Models with 2 Z Motors need the Dual Z Motor Adapter Addon
      • Does NOT work with Touch Screen Models
    • Ender 3
    • Ender 3 Pro
    • Ender 5
    • Ender 5 Pro
    • Ender 5 Plus – Needs other addons/upgrades listed below
      • Needs Creality Dual Cable LCD Adapter Board
      • Needs the 12864 LCD Conversion Kit
      • Needs the Dual Z Motor Adapter Addon
      • Does NOT work with the stock Touch Screen, only with the 12864 LCD Conversion linked above
    • Sovol SV01
      • Needs Dual Z Motor Adapter Addon
  • Silent Trinamic TMC 2208 Stepper Drivers running at 1/256 Stepping
    • UART enabled for driver configuration and data
    • Change Modes with the LCD or GCode
      • StealthChop2
      • SpreadCycle
    • Change Motor Current (VREF) from the LCD or Gcode
    • SpreadCycle and StealthChop2 take 1/16 signals from the CPU and interpolates them to 1/256 for smooth motor control
    • Why TMC2208 over TMC2209? Read here.
  • 4 Layer PCB with 2oz Copper on EVERY layer for Durability and Heat Dissipation
    • TMC 2208 Drivers Require a 4 Layer PCB and 2oz Copper
    • Other boards use 2 layers and 1oz copper and will overheat over the lifespan of the product when using TMC2208s
    • Some competitor boards advertise 2oz but that is only on the outer 2 layers. Our board is 2oz on every single layer.
    • Why do you use the TMC 2208 Instead of TMC 2209 Drivers?
  • Runs TH3D Unified Firmware 2.0
    • Based on Marlin 2.0
    • Easy Printer Setup like you know from our Unified Firmware
    • GPL V3 Source Code Provided to EZBoard Customers
    • All firmware features are 100% working and our board has EEPROM memory
  • 32 Bit CPU for all the latest Marlin 2.0 features now and in the future
    • No slowdowns when running all the latest Marlin Features
    • 512K of program space for all the options
  • MOSFETs over specced for cool operation and long life
  • Genuine Phoenix Contact Screw Terminals
    • These terminals are very high quality and lock into place
    • Terminals on other boards from China use no-name ones that are prone to failure over time
  • Dual Controllable Fan outputs
    • FAN 1 – Layer Fan Output – 0.5A Rated
    • FAN 2 – Connect your Controller fan to shut off when not printing – 0.5A Rated
  • Compatible with single and dual cable Creality LCDs
    • Dual Cable Requires the Creality Dual Cable LCD Adapter board
  • Other Connections On-Board
    • Servo Header for BL Touch Use
    • Filament Sensor Connection (works with EZOut sensors)
    • The 5V pin headers are meant for use with a filament sensor and/or BL Touch. Do NOT connect a Raspberry Pi to these outputs as you will damage the board.
  • Other Features
    • Works with our EZABL Pro Kits
      • Older EZABL kits like the V1/V2/V3/V3.1 typically work on the Z endstop or through the servo header connection
      • If your ABL sensor is not reading triggered/open please see this article here on how to connect using the SERVO header with 2 jumper wires.
    • OPTIONAL Dual Z Motor Adapter cable for machines with 2x Z motors (select above)
    • Bed output rated up to 13A. If your bed is aftermarket and pulls more than 13A then use the add on the MOSFET above. Board is fused at 15A.

Installation Video


Warranty & Support Information

Technical Support: TH3D Standard Support Plus

  • Technical support is provided through our TH3D Helpdesk via email.
  • You can email or use the Contact Us link to submit a ticket.
  • Support is active for the duration of the product warranty.
  • Support is limited to the product itself.

Warranty Info: 6 Months Warranty

  • Our warranty covers any and all defects with the product.
  • If your product fails or has problems within the warranty period you can contact our support team by emailing or by using the Contact Us link.
  • Damage/Failure due to improper installation, usage, failure resulting from an issue with the machine the product is installed on, or modification is not covered under warranty

The new technical support level and 6 month warranty is ONLY on purchases after 3/1/2020. Purchased your EZBoard before 3/1/2020? See here for the warranty/support terms.

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